Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: AcaciaAge: 11 Hi, I’m Acacia. I am in year 6 at school and I have 2 sisters, Jasmine and Lilly, and a baby brother, Jacob. I have always loved animals. I have been worried about endangered animals and interested in animal conservation since I was little. I also love singing and dancing. My dream […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: CassidyAge: 11 Hi, I’m Cassidy. I am 11 years old and I have 2 brothers, named Joshua and Samuel. My brothers and I all love to play soccer. I also play Oztag and have been an enthusiast Girl Guide for nearly 5 years. I love animals and I want to help all that are […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: Georgia Age: 9 years I am in Year 3 and have loved animals all my life. I have a younger brother and a baby sister, and we live on acreage where we are visited by lots of native animals. I am so excited to be a Mini Zookeeper as it means so much to […]

Katerina, Evie & Irini

Mini Zoo Keepers

Name: Evie Age: 9 I am 9 years old and I have two triplet sisters. I love learning about different animals, how they live and what they do to survive. Becoming a Mini Zookeeper is a dream come true because it is an opportunity to learn even more about protecting animals and looking after them […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: JyeAge: 12 Hi I’m Jye, I have loved animals since I was really little, I especially love Reptiles and Amphibians and saving the Frogs is so important to me. I have a little sister Summer and she loves coming on adventures with me to find creatures out in the bush. Steve Irwin & David […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: Harrison Age: 11 Hi, I’m Harrison and I’m so excited to be a Sydney Zoo Mini Zookeeper. I love animals big and small and I want to share that with the world. I can’t wait to start working with the animals at Sydney Zoo and meeting all the families that visit. I want to […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: ZekeAge: 11 Hi, I’m Zeke. I’m in Year 5 and live with my Dad, Mum, brother Xarius and sister Mariah. Things I like are SpiderMan, acting, going to church, running with my Dad and of course ANIMALS! I love spending time researching different animals and jumping in front of a camera to tell people […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: TyAge: 10 Hi, I’m Ty. I am 10 years old, I am in Year 5 and I have an older brother named Cooper. I have loved animals ever since I can remember. My favourite animal group is Reptiles as they are very easy to look after and I find them interesting. I like researching […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: Soukayna Age: 10 I am in Year 5 at school and have a little sister. I have always wanted to be a vet when I grow up so I can look after all the animals. I am so happy and excited to have been chosen as one of Sydney Zoo’s first Mini Zookeepers. I […]


Mini Zoo Keeper

Name: WilliamAge: 5 Hi, I’m William. I am 5 years old, I have a younger brother Isaac (1 year old) and a dog named Narla. I am forever asking for mum and dad to take me to visit the seals and giraffes at the Zoo. I have a strict itinerary for our Zoo visits, first […]