Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper Katerina, Evie & Irini

Name: Evie

Age: 9

I am 9 years old and I have two triplet sisters. I love learning about different animals, how they live and what they do to survive. Becoming a Mini Zookeeper is a dream come true because it is an opportunity to learn even more about protecting animals and looking after them first hand. It is incredible watching the Zoo being built and waiting to see how it will turn out.

My favourite animals are snakes, because they are very beautiful but incredibly misunderstood. There are over three thousand varieties of snakes, each with its own talent that makes it interesting. Holding a snake was the greatest experience of my life – even though it slithered into my shirt!

I have a border collie sheep dog called Turkleton. He has very kind eyes but is also very cheeky. I brush him every day because he has very long hair. He is always hungry and usually tries to steal food off the table when we are not looking (but I sneak some to him anyway).

My dream career is a zoologist, because I want to learn about how animals interact with each other and how they survive in their habitat. I want to help people realise how important and interesting animals are in our world, and help to decrease the numbers of animals that are becoming extinct. I want to spread the word about what every person can do to make this happen.

Sydney Zoo has a lot of new enclosures being built that will have so many different animals living in them, and I can’t wait to see all the animals living there comfortably and happily. I am so excited to help to bring in different animals and watch all the enclosures fill up. Best of all, I am super excited to help look after all the different animals.

Name: Katerina

Age: 9

I am 9 years old and I have two triplet sisters. I love being outdoors and interacting with wildlife. My dream is to live on a farm and raise lots of different animals and have my sisters live with me. I want to start and organisation called R.P.E – which stands for Rescue, Protect and Educate – to help protect homeless and endangered animals. Being a Mini Zookeeper is the best experience of my life and will help me live out my dream.

My favourite animals are monkeys. They look and act so much like humans, they are very clever, cheeky, playful and loyal. They use tools, can recognise numbers and even do maths. I wish I could have a pet monkey, but being a Mini Zookeeper will be the next best thing!

We have a border collie sheep dog called Turkleton. He is very obedient but also very curious. He always has to come and see who is at the door and follows people around to see what they are doing. He is old now, but we love him more than anything.

I would love to be a zoologist and a zookeeper. I want to learn more about animals and how they live in the wild and I also want to look after them in the zoo. I want to learn about how to protect animals for future generations by helping to save their habitats and teach people that animals are not dangerous and should not be hunted.

I am excited about the new Sydney Zoo because it is a beautiful new environment that people will be able to visit and see animals up close. It has big, open spaces and beautiful scenery. I am so looking forward to being up close with animals myself, and hopefully, a monkey or two.

Name: Irini

Age: 9

I am 9 years old and I have two triplet sisters. I love writing stories about different animals and their adventures in the wild. I love researching about different animals so that I can get ideas for my stories and so that I can understand them more. I like doing everything with my sisters and I hope that one day we can all work together in a zoo.

My favourite animals are polar bears. They are so interesting because they can survive in freezing cold weather. They look cute and cuddly but they are also endangered because their home is slowly melting, which is sad. Fun fact: polar bears have black skin and their fur is not actually white, it is clear!

We have a border collie sheep dog called Turkleton. He is fully trained and can understand commands in English and in Greek! We love him very much. He is loyal and affectionate, he would gladly be patted the whole day.

My dream career is a vet. I want to be able to help animals that are sick or injured and figure out what they need to survive and be happy and healthy. I want to come up with cures for animal diseases and help to keep the animals in the zoo safe.

I am excited about the new Sydney Zoo because of the way it is set out. It has a lot of open spaces and the animals will not look like they are trapped, it will look just like their natural habitat. I am so excited to help to look after them, hold them, feed them, and make friends with them.

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