Join our challenge to help save chimpanzees in the wild

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One of the biggest threats to chimpanzees in the wild is the mining of minerals such as coltan, a metallic ore used in mobile phones and other electronic devices. As demand for mobile phones increases, so too does the mining of vital chimpanzee habitat.

Your students can help protect chimpanzees by donating old mobile phones.

During the month of November, Sydney Zoo is challenging schools to collect as many unused phones and accessories as possible for recycling.

Mobile phones will then be collected from your school by our partner MobileMuster for recycling. Mobile Muster will alert Sydney Zoo of the number of phones each school collects. Funds raised through the recycling of mobile phones goes directly to the Jane Goodall Institute to support the protection of great apes in Africa.

The three schools that collect the most phones for recycling will win a FREE Sydney Zoo Incursion.

Congratulations to the winners of our School’s Challenge! 

Lilli Pilli Public School
Rouse Hill Public School
Caddies Creek Public School

Throughout the challenge over 130kg of mobile phones were collected for chimpanzee conservation!

Thank you to everyone who participated and supporting the conservation of chimpanzees in Burundi, central Africa.

Get involved

Register your school below

Download your free schools challenge kit below

Ask your students to collect as many old mobile phones and accessories as possible between 1 - 30 Nov

At the end of November, book your FREE pickup with our partner MobileMuster

Mobile Muster will let us know how many phones your school collected and winners will be contacted in December

Learn more about our ‘They’re Calling On You’ initiative here.

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