From outdoor areas backlit by a sunset, an Amphitheatre surrounded by natural foliage, or something different like sipping cocktails next to slithery reptiles, let our team of experienced event planners tailor a memorable event to suit your needs.

Boasting amazing sunset views overlooking the African savannah, watch the four lion brothers and enjoy a glass of bubbly with colleagues, family, or friends at your own private oasis.
Lion Deck is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and sunset packages. This area is available for both canape and buffet menu options.

Maximum capacity
Cocktail: 300
Buffet: 250

Set amongst the fairy lit trees and playful primates, enjoy a relaxed glass of bubbly accompanied by background music and delicious canapes.
Primate Boulevard makes the perfect backdrop for your cocktail setting.

Maximum capacity
Cocktail: 500

Looking for something different? Our zoo entrance building can be transformed into a great space to host welcome drinks with background entertainment before heading into the zoo for your main function.
A great addition to any event.

Maximum capacity
Cocktail: 100

Take your cocktail function to new depths with a special after hours viewing of our penguins, shark tank and more spectacular aquatic life.
Suitable for small, intimate groups, or a great addition as a walk-through for your next function.

Maximum capacity
Cocktail: 150

If you’re looking to add an unusual or scaly aspect to your next function, our Reptile House will wow your guests, and includes its very own glow in the dark scorpion.
The event space is Australia’s largest reptile and nocturnal house, excellent for cocktail receptions.

Maximum capacity
Cocktail: 200

Do you need a space to conduct a presentation or hold a showcase? Featuring a large screen tv with laptop connectivity and a relaxed grass seating area, the Harvey Norman Amphitheatre is perfect to assemble and address your guests.
The Harvey Norman Amphitheatre is available to add on to your function as part of a day booking. 

Maximum capacity
Cocktail: 150
Theatre: 150


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