A world without sharks – now that’s scary.

Sydney Zoo, together with OceanEarth Foundation, are working together to protect our oceans and rivers. Learn all about why sharks are important to our planet, and how you can help these amazing creatures. 

Your choices in the supermarket affect the future of our oceans.


Sydney zoo is proud to partner with OceanEarth Foundation to protect our oceans and rivers and secure a future for wildlife. 

Thousands of abandoned, lost or discarded fishing nets, known as ghost nets, wash up across northern Australia each year. Before ending up on our shores, these nets silently drift through the ocean, entangling and killing thousands of marine wildlife including sharks and turtles.

OceanEarth Foundation’s Ghost Nets Australia Project was created with Indigenous Rangers across northern Australia to understand why ghost nets wash up, assist Rangers to clean up and dispose of them sustainably, and find solutions to stop the problem at the source.

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