Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper William

Name: William
Age: 5

Hi, I’m William. I am 5 years old, I have a younger brother Isaac (1 year old) and a dog named Narla. I am forever asking for mum and dad to take me to visit the seals and giraffes at the Zoo. I have a strict itinerary for our Zoo visits, first we ride the Sky Safari (at least 2 times), then we must see ALL seal shows (3 shows) and visit the giraffes in-between the seal shows. I love talking (signing) about the seals and when I can’t go to the Zoo, I enjoy watching different seal shows on YouTube.

My favourite animal is the seal because I love listening and watching presentations about them.

I have a pet named Narla, she is a 6-year-old Pug x Cavalier. I love giving her treats, chasing her, walking her and cuddling her.

I would love to work with the animals in the Zoo – presenting a seal show or feeding the giraffes.

I am so excited to visit the giraffes at Sydney Zoo and seeing a new zoo to adventure through.

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