Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper Ty

Name: Ty
Age: 10

Hi, I’m Ty. I am 10 years old, I am in Year 5 and I have an older brother named Cooper. I have loved animals ever since I can remember. My favourite animal group is Reptiles as they are very easy to look after and I find them interesting. I like researching fun facts about all types of Reptiles. My favourite Reptile is a blue tongue lizard, which I am saving up to get one day as a pet. I really enjoy doing Mini Zookeeper Days and Animal Encounters at various Zoos.

I have many favourite animals – I like Red Pandas as they are cute, fluffy and easy to interact with. I like Meerkats as they are mischievious, Reptiles because they look like they are just lounging around all day and I like Primates as they are very smart and intelligent – just like humans!

I have a Beaglier named Roxy, she is very playful with everyone and likes to jump high onto our back table. Over the years I have had a Rabbit, Hermit Crabs and Spiny Leaf Stick Insects. The Spiny Leaf Stick Insects even laid eggs and had babies which was great to watch. I’m currently doing jobs at home to save money so I can buy a reptile enclosure – I’d love to get my own blue tongue lizard.

One day I would love to be a Zookeeper and work in the reptile area.

What excites me most about Sydney Zoo is that you can look out over the animals in their own habitat from a boardwalk area which makes them easy to see. I only live 15 minutes away so I look forward to being able to go there every week! 

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