Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper Soukayna

Name: Soukayna

Age: 10

I am in Year 5 at school and have a little sister. I have always wanted to be a vet when I grow up so I can look after all the animals. I am so happy and excited to have been chosen as one of Sydney Zoo’s first Mini Zookeepers. I especially love reptiles and I have a pet snake called Flash, she is a jungle cross diamond python. She is 2 years old and I have had her since she was a hatchling. I look after her by feeding her rats, filling up her water, cleaning her tank and making sure she sheds properly.

I like all reptiles but my favourite animal is a snake because each one is different and I love all the colours and patterns that they come in. I like it when they wrap around my arm and make hissing noises.

My dream career is to be a vet so I can look after all the animals, making sure they are healthy and cared for. I want to run my own clinic and would love to specialise in reptiles.

What excites me most about Sydney Zoo is that I will be part of building the Zoo and getting it ready by picking up some of the animals from around the world and bringing them back home. I am so excited that Sydney Zoo will be opening down the road from my house and that I can visit all the animals every day.

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