Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper Georgia

Name: Georgia

Age: 9 years

I am in Year 3 and have loved animals all my life. I have a younger brother and a baby sister, and we live on acreage where we are visited by lots of native animals. I am so excited to be a Mini Zookeeper as it means so much to me.

My favourite animal is the Quokka because they are native to Australia and because they are so cute! They are little wallabies and they look like they smile with buck teeth sticking out!

I have a cat called Zeus, a dog called Montana and a stick insect called Flick. I also had a bearded dragon called Archemedes since I was 2 years old but he passed away at the start of this year. I miss him very much.

When I grow up I want to become a Zookeeper or an animal trainer. Working with animals is all I want to do!

I am excited about the new Sydney Zoo because it’s so close to where I live so I can go there all the time!

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