Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper Acacia

Name: Acacia
Age: 11

Hi, I’m Acacia. I am in year 6 at school and I have 2 sisters, Jasmine and Lilly, and a baby brother, Jacob.

I have always loved animals. I have been worried about endangered animals and interested in animal conservation since I was little. I also love singing and dancing. My dream job is to become a zookeeper and contribute to animal conservation.

My favourite animals were always tigers, but since getting up close with the meerkats at Sydney Zoo, they have become my favourite! I love how cute, friendly and inquisitive they are.

My own pet is a dog named Milo. He is a 3 year old cavoodle who loves cuddles and can be very funny sometimes. I take him for a walk in the morning and at night.

I love that Sydney Zoo is not far from my home and being members, we can visit as often as we like. I also love that the zoo is doing good things to help with animal conservation.

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