Trio of Adorable Capybara Triplets Join The Herd

July 2, 2024

Sydney Zoo is  buzzing with excitement as it welcomes the arrival of adorable capybara triplets, bringing the zoo’s capybara count to seven.

Capybaras, the world’s largest rodents from South America, have captured the hearts of millions online, sparking a global capybara craze. Born to proud parents Zoey and Sanchez, the triplets are thriving and growing rapidly, each weighing approximately 1.5 kg at birth.

Zoey, also born at Sydney Zoo, is proving to be an attentive and nurturing first-time mother. The triplets are flourishing under her care, with valuable assistance from grandma Alina and two-month-old uncle Salvador, who has already taken on babysitting duties. This showcases the close-knit family dynamics within the zoo’s capybara community.

The capybara triplets have been given South American inspired name: “Iapa” for the female and “Iago” and “Iguazu” for the two males. Each of the pups are already showing distinct personalities: Iapa and Iago are the more confident and adventurous ones, while Iguazu prefers to stick close to his mum and family.

Zookeepers are celebrating exciting development milestones, including swimming, a natural skill for capybaras. The triplets are also transitioning from their mother’s milk to solid foods like bamboo, showcasing their healthy growth.
In addition to the baby capybaras, Sydney Zoo has also welcomed the arrival of two fluffy koala joeys. Guests can meet the new arrivals at Sydney Zoo during the July school holidays.

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