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Sydney Zoo was founded in 2015 with an aim to create amazing experiences for the local and international community by introducing them to a range of animal species from all over the world, while also educating on animal welfare and conservation.

Australia’s most advanced zoo in the heart of Western Sydney

A world class zoo that is set to be one of Western Sydney’s main attractions.

Embracing technology and innovation to improve animal welfare, visitor engagement and education, Sydney Zoo will be exhibiting a wide range of animals in a safari-like experience. With clever designs hiding barriers combined with the latest technology, it will provide an experience that is more immersive and engaging than traditional zoos.

Sydney Zoo includes approximately 30 exhibits and a variety of animal species such as highly popular exotic and Australian animals. The proposal also includes:

  • Gift shops, restaurants, cafes, kiosks and amenities
  • A show arena, picnic areas, wetlands, waterways and gardens
  • Service areas including administration, curatorial and food preparation, veterinarian space and service yards


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