Nzuri The Giraffe Arrives at Sydney Zoo

April 2, 2021

The NEW Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney is pleased to welcome the arrival of female giraffe, Nzuri.

Nzuri who turns two in June, arrived at Sydney Zoo earlier this week after travelling in a custom-made giraffe crate from Canberra’s National Zoo and Aquarium.

“Although Nzuri, is the perfect size and age for transportation, and the journey was short, we still had to map out the route to ensure we didn’t have any low bridges or over passes”. Said Sydney Zoo’s Curator of Ungulates, Michael Harrison. “In the months leading up to the move, Nzuri was trained to ensure she was comfortable in the crate and was then accompanied by zookeepers and a vet for the entire trip”.

Giraffes in the wild typically leave their parents from the age of two to find a new group of giraffe of the same age. The move was in Nzuri’s best interest so she could develop her own herd and be part of important regional breeding programs in the future. It was also important for the team at Sydney Zoo to find the right companion for their giraffe, Eyelean, and with the pair being the same age, it was agreed the two would be the perfect match.

“When Nzuri spotted Eyelean, the bond was instant. Giraffes communicate through sniffing each other and rubbing noses, which is exactly what we witnessed within moments of the giraffes meeting each other”. Said Sydney Zoo zookeeper, Frankie Douglass. “Nzuri and Eyelean are very similar in nature, both gentle yet outgoing. It didn’t take her long to leave her crate and start exploring her new habitat ant the NEW Sydney Zoo”.

Nzuri is now spending time exploring her new home and can be seen following Eyelean around their habitat.

Don’t miss seeing the pair bonding these school holidays at the NEW Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney.

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