CCTV footage captures birth of meerkat pups

April 8, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of three precious meerkat pups, born to first-time parents Kamili and Uzuri.

Exclusive CCTV footage captures the moment of their birth, offering a glimpse into this extraordinary event.

Weighing in at a tiny 25-28 grams at birth, the pups have been growing steadily and now tip the scales at a healthy 170-180 grams each. Their growth progress, averaging around 10 grams every few days, is a testament to the attentive care provided by their doting parents.

Throughout the night, the newborns stay warm by creating a cuddle puddle in their nest box, showcasing the close bond they have with one another.

Born blind, the meerkat pups began to open their eyes between 8-10 days old, revealing the world around them for the first time. As they continue to develop, the pups have eagerly embraced solid food alongside their mother’s milk, demonstrating their growing independence with each passing day.

Named after African cities, the meerkat pups each possess their own unique personalities. Maputo, the male, has emerged as the largest and most confident of the litter, fearlessly exploring his surroundings. Meanwhile, Kigali and Nairobi, the two females, are equally endearing and can often be seen sticking close to one of the adults as they venture out of the nest box.

In addition to the delightful meerkat pups, Sydney Zoo is also celebrating a baby boom with the arrival of a baby capybara, a playful hyena cub, and a mischievous baby capuchin.

Visitors can witness the baby boom firsthand at Sydney Zoo during the school holidays.

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