Introducing our new baby capybara

April 21, 2024

Sydney Zoo in Eastern Creek is buzzing with excitement as it welcomes the arrival of an adorable capybara baby, born in front of zookeepers and guests – and it’s a boy! Capybaras, the semi-aquatic giant rodents, have stolen the hearts of millions online, sparking a global capybara craze.

Weighing an impressive 2kg at birth, this capybara baby is larger than average and has already surpassed developmental milestones. Remarkably, it took its first swim just one day after birth and began grazing on grass the same day. With bamboo as its favourite food, this little one has quickly gained weight, now tipping the scales at just over 5kg.

Despite being dependent on mum, this confident capybara pup has already displayed remarkable trust and affection by approaching keepers, eagerly seeking scratches under the neck and stomach.

This bond has enabled zookeepers to start routine health check training with the new pup. At just two weeks old, the pup could already follow a target and step onto the scales to weigh himself, showcasing the remarkable intelligence of capybaras.
This precious addition to the Sydney Zoo family is the first offspring fathered by Sanchez, who is proving to be a wonderful father. Alina, the baby’s mother, is an experienced parent, having had six litters of pups.

The unnamed baby capybara is eagerly awaiting a name, and you can help choose! Sydney Zoo is inviting the public to vote for their favourite name from three South American options—Salvador, Santiago, and Sandro. Visit to cast your vote and win a capybara encounter to meet the baby!

In addition to the baby capybara, Sydney Zoo is also celebrating a baby boom with the arrival of three meerkat pups, a playful hyena cub, and a mischievous baby capuchin.

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