Sydney’s only rhino arrives at the NEW Sydney Zoo.

Big, bulky, and beautiful! The NEW Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney celebrates the arrival of the second-largest land mammal species in the world. 

The seven-year-old White Rhino, named Tino, arrived safely from New Zealand by air in a custom-built crate and is settling into his new home in the zoo’s African Precinct. 

Tino, short for Valentino, was named after being born on Saint Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February 2015. 

Whilst the 1.7-tonne rhino has impressive features like two giant horns, folded skin, and square lips, it will be his love for wallowing in mud that is expected to generate attention among guests during the Easter school holidays.  

“We are very excited to have such an iconic species join our African Precinct at Sydney Zoo,” said Senior Keeper, Deane Jones. 

“Within moments of exploring his new surroundings, Tino was making himself right at home by rolling around in a wallow, covering himself from horn to tail in mud.” 

Managing Director Jake Burgess said, “Tino’s safe arrival is a testament to the collaboration and dedication of our expert animal care team and veterinarian.” 

“As young male rhinos mature, they move away from their family group and become solitary. Tino was growing quickly and becoming more independent, so the timing was perfect for him to create his own space at Sydney Zoo.”

White Rhinos are classified as Near Threatened, with their species in decline as a result of poaching. It’s estimated as few as only 18,000 individuals remain in Southern Africa. 

Tino will play an important role in regional and international breeding programs that will support the conservation of his species. 

Tino has joined the zoo’s African Precinct where guests will encounter three lion brothers, a savannah of giraffe, ostrich, nyala and zebra, and Africa’s apex predators such as cheetah, painted dogs and a pack of hyenas.  

Make sure you say hello to Tino next time you’re on the Boardwalk at Sydney Zoo.

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