Sydney Zoo teams up with Variety – the Children’s Charity

February 6, 2020

Sydney Zoo are delighted to become a Major Partner for Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT.

David Sexton, CEO of Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT said “Sydney Zoo is destined to become a leading destination for the local and international community, creating an immersive and inclusive zoo experience that is accessible for people of all abilities. At Variety we’re passionate about inclusion and are thrilled to be partnering with Sydney Zoo as official charity. We look forward to collaborating on opportunities where the Variety community can come together and enjoy this wonderful new Sydney attraction.”

The three-year partnership will see Sydney Zoo host a Variety Day, tailored inclusive events for the kids and families supported by Variety, and host the beginning of the ever-popular Variety Brydens Lawyers B to B Bash in 2020.

Gary Bevan, Partnerships Manager for Sydney Zoo commented “Sydney Zoo are proud to support Variety over the next three years, becoming our second official charity partner in the process, and we look forward to helping them grow and continue their remarkable work. Variety works tirelessly to serve our local community in a truly inspiring manner, and they should be commended for the work that they do.”

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