Sydney Zoo & Harvey Norman Announces FREE School Excursions

February 1, 2021

The NEW Sydney Zoo is roaring into the new school year by offering the 70,000 year 2 public school students in NSW a FREE visit to the zoo with their class in 2021 – thanks to Harvey Norman.

As a world-class zoo in Western Sydney, the NEW Sydney Zoo provides students and teachers the opportunity to connect with wildlife from Australia and around the world.

Students who visit the NEW Sydney Zoo will develop a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation and be immersed in Aboriginal Culture as part of Sydney Zoo’s Bungarribee Dreaming experience, all while having fun in a COVID safe environment.

“With last year’s bushfire devastation and wildlife populations declining at rapid rates, it is more important than ever to connect students with wildlife to inspire next generations to take action. Education is the key to encouraging behavioural change. Educating students is one of the best ways that zoos can have the biggest and longest-lasting impact on the grassroots support for conservation, the environment, and wildlife”. Sydney Zoo, Managing Director, Jake Burgess.

Harvey Norman CEO, Katie Page commented, “We are so excited about every aspect of our new Sydney Zoo partnership – a phenomenal new zoo in the heart of Western Sydney. Education is everything. We all thrive when our children have equal access to living, interactive environments that bring their curriculum to life. Year two boys and girls, no matter where they live in NSW, can be inspired and informed by the 2000 species of animals, indigenous cultural experiences, unique ecosystems combined with the diverse, expertise of the team at Sydney Zoo.”

Students will explore the precincts of the NEW Sydney Zoo. Walking through Australia they will learn about Australian Aboriginal Culture through interpretive displays while being accompanied by emus and kangaroos roaming around them. Watching the active primate boulevard come alive with baby baboons, chimpanzees, and capuchin monkeys in their social groups. View the lions on pride rock from the African boardwalk and see the playful Asian elephants bathe in their swimming hole or wallow in the mud. Each precinct will engage students in wildlife from around the world to educate them on how to Choose, Change, and Contribute to create a sustainable future for wildlife.

The NEW Sydney Zoo also provides a range of free downloadable syllabus linked resources available from the Sydney Zoo website to enhance student’s learning pre, during, and post their visit. Teachers can use these to engage students in wildlife, habitats, and conservation.

Teachers are encouraged to get in quick and book their FREE school excursion to the NEW Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney now.

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