Sydney Zoo welcomes Grasshopper Environmental as supporting partner

March 18, 2021

Sydney Zoo would like to welcome Grasshopper Environmental onboard as a supporting partner, and official waste management supplier of Sydney Zoo.

Ian Stewart, Business Development Manager – Grasshopper Environmental said “Grasshopper Environmental is thrilled to partner with Sydney Zoo as the official waste management provider. Our alignment of values and ethics in sustainability and 100% environmental compliance makes this partnership an exciting one, allowing us to exercise our full capability in the areas of recycling and resource recovery. Grasshopper Environmental is proud of this partnership and believe Sydney Zoo will serve as the benchmark for future spaces that look to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve a greener, waste free operation.”

Everything from general waste, organic waste to animal bedding will be managed by Grasshopper Environmental to maximise recycling and resource recovery rates and to divert as much from landfill as possible. To achieve an even greater sustainable operation for Sydney Zoo, cafeteria packaging will be biodegradable and coffee cups can be recycled too! The latest in technological innovation for waste management has also been used on site making use of solar powered energy to power waste compactors.

The five-year partnership will also see Grasshopper Environmental sponsor the Grasshopper habitat found inside the Reptile and Nocturnal House within the precinct.

“Grasshopper Environmental have already become an integral partner with Sydney Zoo. Their expertise in waste management will help Sydney Zoo make great strides in our zero-waste program, allowing us to compost all animal and food waste.” added Gary Bevan, Partnerships Manager – Sydney Zoo.

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