Conditions of entry

  1. Sydney Zoo reserves the right to refuse entry to, or remove, any person who is or appears to be under 14 years of age and is not accompanied, and supervised at all times, by a person who is 16 years of age or over. 
  2. Prior to entering the Sydney Zoo premises all patrons may be required to undergo a health assessment including, but not limited to, a temperature check. Any person displaying flu like symptoms, including a fever, cough or runny nose, may be refused entry by Sydney Zoo (in its discretion).
  3. It is a condition of entry that a search of a person and/or their possessions may be required at the time of each entry into and exit from Sydney Zoo
  4. You must comply with the following requirements at all times when in, or within the vicinity of, Sydney Zoo.
  5. You must:
  • Follow Sydney Zoo staff directions and signage instructions.
  • Wear appropriate attire and footwear.
  • Supervise all persons under your care and ensure that they comply with all conditions of entry.
  • Treat all Sydney Zoo staff and other Sydney Zoo patrons with courtesy and respect.
  • Depart Sydney Zoo before closing time.
  • Wash or disinfect hands thoroughly after any contact with animals.
  • Park your vehicle only in designated parking areas and in accordance with all Sydney Zoo staff directions and signage instructions.

5. You must NOT:

  • Act in disregard to your own personal safety or the safety any Sydney Zoo staff, other patrons or exhibited animals.
  • Wear or display any inappropriate or offensive attire, symbols or body markings.
  • Be in possession of any alcohol other than alcohol purchased through a Sydney Zoo food and beverage outlet; consume alcohol anywhere outside designated areas; or remove any alcohol from Sydney Zoo.
  • Be in possession of any illicit drugs, hazardous substances, weapons, or camping or cooking equipment.
  • Smoke or the take any illicit drugs. Be or appear to be intoxicated by alcohol or any illicit drugs.
  • Use any equipment with audio capabilities or play musical instruments at a volume likely to unsettle any exhibited animals or disturb the enjoyment of any Sydney Zoo staff or other patrons.
  • Use drones or other aerial vehicles, or any remote controlled vehicles.
  • Conceal any property.
  • Alter, deface, interfere with or remove any displays, signage, or plants or other landscaping features.
  • Ingest or otherwise use any plants growing at Sydney Zoo. This includes edible plants. Many of the uses for plants stated on interpretive signage may not have been verified through appropriate studies and may cause adverse side-effects.
  • Feed or touch any exhibited animals unless expressly permitted to do so by Sydney Zoo staff.
  • Light any fires; litter; or create or contribute to any hazards.
  • Access any animal enclosures or other restricted areas unless expressly permitted to do so by Sydney Zoo staff. Enter or exit Sydney Zoo other than via a designated public entrance and exit.
  • Engage in any acts that unsettle, or attempt to unsettle, any exhibited animals.
  • Engage in any unsociable behaviour (including unsocial language or gestures), or violence, theft, vandalism or other offences.
  • Queue jump or save spaces within queues.
  • Camp or loiter.
  • Leave children or pets unattended (including in any vehicle).
  • Leave any vehicle in the Sydney Zoo carpark after closing time or on any day that Sydney Zoo is not open.

6. Some feed that Sydney Zoo provides exhibited animals may contain traces of nuts and other products that some Sydney Zoo patrons are allergic to. If you or a person under your care has known allergies, please raise this with a Sydney Zoo staff member before handling any animal feed or engaging with any exhibited animals.

7. While Sydney Zoo cares for exhibited animals, some may carry diseases that can be passed to humans. By entering Sydney Zoo you accept this risk and release and indemnify Sydney Zoo (in its own right and on behalf of all of its directors and other officers, employees, contractors, invitees and agents) from any liability it may suffer as a result of you, or a person under your care, contracting any disease from an exhibited animal.

8. Sydney Zoo has been designed to enhance the environment for exhibited animals and opportunities for patrons to observe them. However, design features such as elevated walkways, moats and the provision of areas within which exhibited animals can roam free can be dangerous. You must supervise any person under your care at all times, remain attentive to their and your safety, and ensure that they and you avoid any dangerous or risky behaviour.

9. It is a condition of entry that you release and indemnify Sydney Zoo (in its own right and on behalf of all of its directors and other officers, employees, contractors, invitees and agents) from all liability for any injury, loss or damage that you or any person in your care may suffer (including personal injury and loss or damage to property) while in, or within the vicinity of, Sydney Zoo except to the extent such liability arises from, or to the extent it is contributed to by, any wilful misconduct or negligence by Sydney Zoo.

10. Sydney Zoo is in the process of formulating a new access policy for assistance animals to visit our site. This policy is being developed in consultation with a number of stakeholders and will be in operation very shortly. Should you wish to bring your assistance animal to the zoo, please contact our reception on 02 7202 2560 to register your interest and to make arrangements for a visit.

11. Personal photography and video and audio recordings are permitted in, and within the vicinity of, Sydney Zoo but you must not:

  • use flash devices in areas where their use is prohibited (in particular, indoor animal enclosures);
  • take any photographs or recordings in, or within the vicinity of, toilets or any areas designated for breastfeeding, changing or religious observance;
  • photograph or record a talk or show contrary to instructions given at the commencement, or at any time during, the talk or show;
  • take any concealed photographs or recordings;
  • photograph or record any persons against their objections or in violation of their reasonable expectations of privacy; or
  • use photographic or recording equipment in a manner which poses a risk to your safety or the safety of any Sydney Zoo staff, other patrons or exhibited animals.

Commercial or any other photography or recordings that are not strictly for personal use are prohibited in the absence of written permission from Sydney Zoo. This includes photography and video taken by members of the media, the paparazzi and activist groups. It is a condition of entry that you agree to turn over to Sydney Zoo all copies of any photographs or recordings taken by you in violation of this prohibition.

12. With the exception of prams and strollers for young patrons and disability aids for patrons with disabilities, patrons may not use mobility devices in, or within the vicinity of, Sydney Zoo, including bicycles (or similar), hover boards, pogo sticks, roller blades or skates, roller or spring-loaded shoes, scooters, Segways, skateboards, stilts, or trolleys.

13. Activities by patrons unrelated to zoo patronage may not be carried out in, or within the vicinity of, Sydney Zoo without the express permission of Sydney Zoo. This includes advertising, commercial, community, media, political, religious or social activities or displays, busking, fundraising, demonstrations or protests, and public surveys.

14. In addition to these conditions of entry, Sydney Zoo may impose additional conditions of entry by displaying them at the time of ticket purchase or at a public entrance.

15. You consent to Sydney Zoo collecting, storing, using, disclosing and otherwise processing your personal information in accordance with the Sydney Zoo Privacy Policy. You may receive via email, post, text or social media, promotional news, service updates or other information about Sydney Zoo. You may at any time unsubscribe from these communications in accordance with the Sydney Zoo Privacy Policy.

16. From time to time, Sydney Zoo takes promotional photography and video at Sydney Zoo, which may inadvertently capture you in the background in the course of your visit to the zoo. Sydney Zoo staff will inform you if there is any photography or videoing occurring in an area, so you can avoid it if you want to.

17. All patrons are responsible for their own property and whilst Sydney Zoo takes precautions to reduce damage or theft, responsibility will not be taken for damage or loss of personal property.

18. Sydney Zoo reserves the right to alter ticket prices and these General Terms and Conditions without notice.

19. Please contact Sydney Zoo if you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions.

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