Up to 45kg


Up to 180cm


Smaller fish, crustaceans


20 years

Barramundi and its nine similar species are found in the warm waters of Africa and south east Asia.

They vary in colour from silver to light green to dark brown, depending on the environment they are found in. They are camouflage experts and they can change the shades on various parts of their body in a matter of seconds to blend into their surrounds.

Barramundi are widespread in the tropical waterways of Australia. They occupy all levels in the water column in their pursuit of food. They can be seen swimming on the surface under lily pads or cruising along the bottom in search of their prey.

Barramundi are known to undertake large migrations on a daily, weekly or yearly basis depending on the weather conditions, moon phase and the flow regime of the waterway they live in. In wet seasonsthey migrate across floodplains to repopulate waterholes that have been cut off in the dry part of the year.

Barramundi are the main predator of the floodplain. The only animals big enough to prey on it are crocodiles and humans.

Conservation Status

Did You Know?

Barramundi are male until they grow to around 80 to 100cm long. They then change into females.

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