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Little Penguin

Little Penguin

Species Eudyptula Minor
Little Penguin
Little Penguin Distribution MapDistribution
Little Penguin
Favourite Food
Fish and small squid
Up to 1.4kg
Up to 7 years

The little penguin has modified wings in the form of flippers that allow them to “fly” underwater with their streamlined shape perfect for swimming.

They have a gland that secretes an oil like substance that they use when preening to help add a layer of waterproofing over their outer feathers. They have a layer of down-like feathers closer to the skin that traps air to help them stay warm.

Little penguins moult annually and come ashore while this is occurring. Moulting can take between 12-18 days and the penguin doesn't swim or feed during this time.

Little penguins are the only penguin with blue feathers (the other species are predominantly black and white). They are counter shaded, being light underneath and dark on top as a form of silhouette camouflaging.

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Did You Know?

They do not drink, and they also get rid of excess salt by sneezing it out of their noses.

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