The effects of climate change are threatening the survival of Australian wildlife, but you can help.​

Nearly half of Australia’s threatened wildlife can be found in our cities. This makes urban areas vital refuges for our native animals. You can support our local wildlife by creating a wildlife-friendly garden:​

Plant native species

Build an insect hotel

Keep your cats indoors

Provide nest boxes in trees for wildlife

Provide water during hot summer days

Provide rocks and logs for lizards

Are you ready to be a habitat hero?
Is your school ready to be a habitat hero? 


Across Australia average temperatures have increased. Drought and extreme bushfire events are becoming more frequent. The bushfires of 2019/20 devastated the koala population with an estimated 10,000 koalas lost and 13 million hectares of forest burnt. ​


Sydney Zoo is proud to partner with Science for Wildlife to support koala research and conserve critical koala habitat. Science for Wildlife are working to better understand koala ecology and their habitat preferences. This information is then shared with community groups to protect koalas and restore koala habitats.


Join the efforts to map kolas in the Blue Mountains region. 

Fill out the form here to report a koala sighting, providing as much detail as possible. When you report a koala sighting, you are helping us to better understand where koalas are living, what trees they use for food or shelter, and the threats they face. With this information, we are able to help conserve them.

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