Help save chimpanzees in the wild by recycling your mobile phone

Recycling your old phone can have a big impact

One of the biggest threats to chimpanzees in the wild is the mining of minerals such as coltan, a metallic ore used in mobile phones and other electronic devicesAs demand for mobile phones increases, so too does the mining of vital chimpanzee habitat.

You can help protect chimpanzees in the wild by simply donating your old mobile phones.

When you donate your old mobile phone or accessory to Sydney Zoo, the funds generated through recycling will help preserve chimpanzee habitat and go toward the Jane Goodall Institute Australia.

What to do next

Bring your old mobile phone, charger or accessory to Sydney Zoo and place them in the specially marked collection bin at the zoo's entry

All data on phones is destroyed in the recycling process

Feel good knowing that by recycling your old mobile phone you've raised funds to support wildlife conservation


Got more than 10 phones? You can arrange for a free courier pickup with Mobile Muster. Why not see if your friends or colleagues have some phones too!

Or join our school’s challenge and get your school involved!

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