October 14, 2021

We’ve welcomed a new pack of playful African Painted Dogs, just in time for our post lockdown reopening on Friday 15th October. The seven African Painted Dogs arrive to Sydney Zoo as part of an animal exchange program, which will make an important contribution to the conservation of their species.

As part of the exchange program, Sydney Zoo sent its pack of four males to Altina Wildlife Park, where they will take part in a regional breeding program.

Sydney Zoo’s four males originally arrived from the Czech Republic and have  brought valuable genetics into the region. Moves like this between zoo’s are essential to ensure genetic diversity and create vital insurance populations. 

“Wild dogs are one of the most endangered carnivores in Africa, so everything Sydney Zoo can do to protect and educate guests about them is very important” said, Sydney Zoo’s Carnivore Keeper, Rebecca Nightingale.  

“African Painted Dogs were once found in almost 40 countries with 500,000 found in the wild. But due to habitat loss and persecution, that number is now closer to only 5,000”.

“Arranging the transportation of the Wild Dogs was a challenge, as there were limited opportunities to travel due to the pandemic, but we are delighted that they are here and settling in well”.

Guests can meet the new pack NOW at the NEW Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney.

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