Peter Thiel

Chief Operating Officer

Peter is a qualified commercial lawyer with extensive experience in the sports and entertainment industry. As a lawyer he was actively involved in entertainment companies including Hoyts and Val Morgan.

In 2006, his experience in the sports and entertainment industry led to him being seconded to the Penrith Rugby League Club Limited as their in-house Legal Council.

During his time at the Penrith Rugby League Club Peter became heavily involved in all commercial aspects of the business, and was instrumental in overseeing the re-structure of the business to reduce debt and streamline operations to ensure the profitability of the business moving forward in 2012-2013.

Following the departure of the CEO and CFO in 2016, Peter accepted an offer to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer as well as Group Legal Counsel. In this position Peter was responsible for all aspects of the operation of the business. His duties included overseeing 6 separate premises spread across NSW, dealing with the operation of all retail, food and beverage, gaming and football admissions and sponsorship. He had 16 direct staff reports and the business operated with an annual revenue of over $150m.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Peter developed a reputation for identifying issues and providing practical solutions. Peter has demonstrated an ability to streamline operations whilst balancing the needs of staff, customers, and stake holders. Peter will apply his skills to ensure the smooth transition of Sydney Zoo from its construction phase into its full operational phase.

Started at Sydney Zoo: December 2019

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