Mauritz Basson

General Manager Animal Care

Mauritz brings over 30 years experience in zoos to Sydney Zoo. Mauritz was previously General Manager of Animal Care and Science at Wellington Zoo in New Zealand and was there for over seventeen years. He began his career at Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa before immigrating to New Zealand in 2001.

Throughout his career at Wellington Zoo he worked in various roles starting as Life Science Manager and advanced through to General Manager of Animal Care of Science reporting to the Chief Executive. He was a member of the Strategic Management team and through his role contributed the development and realisation of the Zoo’s vision, strategic direction and business plans.

Mauritz was an integral member of the Zoo’s project steering group and participated in the planning and major successful redevelopment of the zoo asset over a ten year capital plan rollout.

Over this time he had overall responsibility for the operations of the zoo and for ongoing innovation in animal care and welfare. Included in his roles was also accountability for the Veterinary and Animal Science teams. He also had responsibility over this time for also maintaining the physical infrastructure of the zoo asset and the property team.

One of his most significant achievements during his time at Wellington Zoo include project managing a major multi-disciplined project for the successful import of antelope from South Africa for the Australasian region. This was the first undertaking of this kind in Australasia and spanned over a four year period.

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