Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper Chloe

Name: Chloe
Age: 9

Hi, I’m Chloe. I am 9 years old and I have an older sister named Jaida. I am inquisitive and curious and have always been interested in animals, especially caring for and protecting them. I am passionate and always excited to learn new fun facts about animals.

I find all animals fascinating because each animal is so unique. One of my many favourites is a polar bear. I love polar bears especially when they are cubs and are super playful.

I have a chocolate labrador named Diesel who loves a cuddle and lots of attention. I also have fish.

It is my dream to become a Zookeeper or animal rescuer. I would especially love to work at Sydney Zoo one day.

I am so excited about Sydney Zoo as it is close to my home and I will be able to visit it all the time. I look forward to visiting the enclosures to watch and learn about all the different animals. I am excited that Sydney Zoo will also be home to an aquarium!

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