Sydney Zoo Farewells Sumatran Tiger, Raja

November 16, 2022

Sydney Zoo is heartbroken to announce the passing of its 18-year-old Sumatran Tiger, Raja.

Raja was being closely monitored for age-related osteoarthritis and chronic intervertebral disc disease, which recently become so severe that it was having a negative impact on his quality of life. Given Raja’s age, the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanise him peacefully surrounded by his animal care team.

“The average life expectancy for Sumatran Tigers in the wild is around 12 years, so to reach the age of 18 is a huge milestone,” said Animal Care Manager, David French.

“Raja was Australia’s oldest tiger, and we were honoured to provide him with additional care to make his twilight years as comfortable as possible.”

Sadly, it is estimated that only 400 Sumatran Tigers remain in the wild, and they are classified as critically endangered. Raja played an important role in the Sumatran Tiger Breeding Program and as a conservation advocate for his species.

Sydney Zoo’s animal care team are grieving for Raja. He will be remembered by the team as a social, vocal, and sweet tiger.

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