KIIS Rides Zone

It’s time to ride! Are you ready to experience the fun of the KIIS Rides Zone?

With the NEW mind-blowing Vortex Tunnel, the gigantic 8-lane Superslide, the dizzying Space Jam, and the Kids Dodgems, there’s something for all levels of thrill seekers during GLOW at Sydney Zoo.

The NEW Vortex Tunnel will have you in a spin. Take on the turning, tilting tunnel, be prepared to lose your balance, and don’t forget to hold on tight!

The topsy-turvy Vortex Tunnel is designed to bamboozle your senses and make you question every step you take. Get ready to be dazzled by the lights and your lack of orientation as you attempt to make your way through. 

Experience the exhilaration and enjoyment as you hurtle down the giant 8-lane Superslide and watch the lights of the GLOW Zone flash past. With thrills and fun for the whole family, if you like speed in “huge” proportions, our Superslide is the best of them all. Reaching high into the sky, hop on one of the eight colourful lanes and prepare to race to the bottom in record time.

Last year’s highly popular Space Jam is back for GLOW in 2023. Enjoy the views as you’re raised up 40 meters into the air while you spin around and around at lightning fast speeds! With 12 rotations per minute you won’t be able to wipe the smile off of your face.

Ever wondered how your little ones would go behind the wheel? Let the kids take control with Australia’s only children’s mini dodgem cars. The uniquely designed Italian cars are constructed to allow kids to drive the bumper cars on their own while they enjoy a safe and exciting experience. Like no other dodgem cars around, younger children can ride these dodgems unaccompanied.

To make the most out of your visit, we suggest pre-purchasing KIIS Ride Credits so you can save money and time by skipping the queues.

Here’s how to purchase KIIS Ride Credits online:

  1. Head to
  2. Select the date and session time of your admission ticket
  3. Select the number of Ride Credits you wish to purchase
  4. Enter your details and payment
  5. Receive your Ride Credits via email

Space Jam 3 Credits
Superslide 2 Credits
Kid Dodgem 2 Credits
Ferris Wheel 2 Credits

Space Jam:
Minimum height 120cm and minimum 6 years old

Minimum height 120cm Minimum height 100cm without an adult, 80cm tall with an adult

Kid Dodgem:
Minimum height 80cm to 16 years old

Its's back - Bigger, Brighter, and Better!

Important Information

All encounter participants must:

Please note: your booking is not confirmed until the indemnity form is signed.