Animal conservation

Sydney Zoo will support local and international conservation efforts, and educate our visitors on the importance of conservation. We will be home to a number of endangered species from all over the world, and believe in protecting these animals by giving them sanctuary and participating in breeding programs. Sydney Zoo is a member of the peak Zoological body the Zoo and Aquarium Association, and we will be active participants in ZAA-administered breeding programs for endangered animals.

At Sydney Zoo, we also understand the need to care for our natural environment. We are working to save and rehabilitate large amounts of critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland on-site at the Zoo, and conserve our local native flora.

Environmental initiatives

Sydney Zoo is using sustainable building materials and aims to set new benchmarks in energy and water use. We are helping to conserve our local environment through a number of initiatives.

Sydney Zoo aims to become the world’s finest energy independent Zoo through our development of a solar power network. We will be capturing and recycling storm water run-off to use in our moats and gardens areas. This will dramatically reduce the amount of drinkable water that is used. Sydney Zoo also aims to become a zero-waste space. We will compost all animal and food waste, and will use biodegradable cornstarch packaging.

Sydney Zoo also knows how important research is to improving conservation. We have partnered with Western Sydney University to develop several research projects across various fields, including energy efficiency, water management and animal welfare.

Indigenous Heritage Program

Sydney Zoo wishes to actively preserve our local Aboriginal history, and we will work closely with the local Indigenous community – the Darug People. We will be offering a unique, integrated Aboriginal and natural heritage program, called the Bungarribee Dreaming experience, with Aboriginal guides who will provide interpretation and information within the Australia Precinct.

Sydney Zoo has also committed to a 10% full time equivalent Aboriginal employment target, as we hope to include our local Aboriginal community as much as possible at the Zoo.

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