Red Panda

Red Panda



3.5kg on average



This species is comprised of the species red panda which includes two additional sub species – Ailurus fulgens fulgens and Ailurus fulgens refulgens. Red pandas are in their own family – Ailurus, however they are a relative to the Giant Panda as well as the racoon – in which it shares its ring tail with.

Female red pandas only come into oestrous one day a year and being a solitary animal it can be common that opposite sexes do not cross paths with each other on that one day which puts a reproductive strain on the already endangered species.

Due to the environmental weather conditions that red panda are exposed to, they are coated with very dense fur that covers most of the body. Their tails are designed to be able to be wrapped around their bodies like a scarf while they sleep, giving them extra warmth in the cold winters.

Red Pandas have received their name for their brightly coloured fur. The colours on the red panda range from a bright red to white, black and brown. These colour variations remain the same on each animal and a way to identify different animals from one another is the location of the variation of colours on their bodies.

Red Pandas spend the majority of the day sleeping for up to 18 hours. They predominantly forage for food during dusk or dawn which helps to avoid predators.

Conservation Status

Did You Know?

Despite the bright colour of the Red Panda, they camouflage very well into their habitat and are often very hard to spot in the wild.

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