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48km/h (30mph)


Small prey and carrion


Approximately 10 years

The Dingo is a primitive dog with linage including wild and semi domesticated canids from New Guinea, south-eastern Asia and northern Africa. They are found throughout the Australian mainland. They are found in all terrestrial environments, but absent from densely settled urban areas.

Wild dingoes are usually lean animals, their coats can be a sandy yellow or ginger colour, but they can also be black, whitish or black with tan patches on their legs, ears and face. The standard dingo also has white feet, chest and tail tip. Their ears are erect and pointed and they have a bushy tail.

Dingoes are opportunistic carnivores and will eat any animal it can overpower. Standard food items include small macropods, rabbits, reptiles as well as birds and arthropods. They will also scavenge road kill and go through rubbish and food scraps.

Dingoes are social animals and unlike domestic dogs, breed only once a year.

Conservation Status

Did You Know?

The Dingo fence built in the late 1800’s stretches nearly 6,000km excluding dingoes from rich agricultural land in south east Qld, NSW, Vic and SA. What’s strange about this major engineering undertaking is that domestic stock makes up less than 2% of the dingo’s diet.

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