Time: 10:00am
Duration: 30 mins
Min. age: 6 years
Price: $9.99 per person (Excludes zoo admission)
Member price: $8.99
Max. guests per session: 20

Feed our iconic Australian fish in Western Sydney

Experience the encounter with a school of giant barramundi, Australia’s large-scaled river fish.

During our barramundi encounter you’ll get a behind the scenes look at our aquarium, learn all about these amazing freshwater fish and other fascinating aquatic species, and feed the barramundi.

A Sydney Zoo barramundi encounter makes for an unforgettable experience for a large group of friends and family. Book early to avoid disappointment.


  • Encounter booking does not include zoo entry. A member return booking or online day ticket is required.
  • Minimum age of 6. All children must be comfortable in the presence of animals.
  • Children aged 6 – 11 years MUST have an accompanying adult present inside the encounter area whilst participating in the encounter to assist with feeding and for safety purposes. This adult does not have to pay, but they are also not able to directly feed the animals themselves.
  • Children aged 12 – 15 years can participate in the encounter alone, however, a supervising adult must be present and in the direct vicinity of the encounter area.
  • Barramundi encounters are held once per day at 10:00am for a maximum group size of 20.
  • Encounter bookings are non-refundable. Any changes to your booking must be made at least 7 days prior to your visit date. Please call us on 02 7202 2560.
  • Fitness requirements: All participants must have the ability to stand and move freely inclusive of crouching, kneeling and be able to walk up a set of stairs and a slight gradient over a non-sealed surface (eg sand and gravel).
  • This encounter is not suitable for mobility limitations.
  • If pre purchased please check in at the information desk at the zoo entrance at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled encounter time. Encounters go ahead on time as scheduled. Impulse purchases may be available on the day.
  • The encounter runs in all weather conditions. We recommend wet weather attire on wet days. Sydney Zoo reserves the right to cancel the encounter in extreme weather conditions. A reschedule date will be offered based on availability. 
  • Sydney Zoo reserves the right to cancel the encounter for any unseen circumstances. A reschedule date will be offered based on availability. 
  • Clothing requirements: For your comfort and safety, please wear enclosed footwear suitable for varied surfaces and to provide safety in the habitat. Visually ostentatious garments (i.e. costumes, novelty hats, etc.) are not permitted. Upon check-in, staff will be required to sight the shoes worn to ensure visitor safety for the duration of the animal encounter.
  • Please note that any visitors who have been impacted by government health warnings (eg recent contraction of Covid-19 or Foot and Mouth disease) are required to contact our Visitor Experience team on 02 7202 2560 prior to booking.
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All encounter participants must:

Please note: your booking is not confirmed until the indemnity form is signed.

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