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School bookings

Education bookings are now open for 2021! Read about our excursion options below and book your visit now.

Self-guided visits to Sydney Zoo - $13 per student, free entry for teachers*

As a world class zoo in Western Sydney, we offer students and teachers the opportunity to see wildlife from around the world, learn about conservation and be immersed in Aboriginal Culture as part of our Bungarribee Dreaming experience.

Download our syllabus-linked resources and explore the zoo at your own pace while you engage students in learning how they can make a difference in their own backyards.

Combine a self-guided visit to Sydney Zoo with one of our new incursion packages or a virtual excursion. These complement what your students will see and learn at the zoo and can be booked for before or after your visit. View our options below.

Book a workshop at Sydney Zoo - $17 per student, free entry for teachers*

Book your students in for a guided workshop led by one of our experienced educators. These workshops are linked to syllabus outcomes including:

  • Science, English, Maths, History, Geography
  • cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia.

Other programs are currently under development with links across multiple key learning areas.

Bungarribee Dreaming

An engaging, moving, tactile Cultural experience delivered by Aboriginal guides. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of aspects of Aboriginal Culture, heritage and language. This will be achieved through demonstrations of tools and artefacts, bush tucker examples and traditional Aboriginal activities within the Australia precinct.

Early Stage 1 – Kinship and families

Outcomes contributed to: HTe-1, GEe-1

Aboriginal guides will explain the complexities within family and kinship systems, as well as share personal stories of relationships within their families and communities. Students will learn that families are varied and different, while also learning the importance of place to communities.

Stage 1 - Connection to place

Outcomes contributed to: HT1-2, GE1-1, GE1-2

Students will be engaged by Aboriginal guides to create a personal connection for themselves and their school as they learn about the responsibility to care for Country wherever they find themselves.

Stage 1 - Technology

Outcomes contributed to: HT1-3, GE1-1

Students will explore the development of technology within Aboriginal Culture specifically the use and refinement of technology over place and time.

Stage 2 - People, places and colonisation

Outcomes contributed to: HT2-4, GE2-1, GE2-2

People, places and colonisation explores the deep attachment and bond for Aboriginal people to their Country, families and peoples and the devastating effects of colonisation. This is delivered in a culturally sensitive and respectful way.

Stage 3 - Rights and freedoms

Outcomes contributed to: HT3-2, HT3-4

Delve into the complex history of Aboriginal people in their pursuit to be regarded as equal citizens and their ongoing struggles to fight for justice. Our guides will share some of the iconic and historical events that have lead to a resilient and ongoing fight for justice since colonisation till present day.

Stage 4 - History depth study

Outcomes contributed to: HT4 2, HT4 3, HT4 4

The Aboriginal Cultural presentation is a interactive display of Cultural resources used over time and space to describe the sustainability of Aboriginal lifestyle and Culture. The discussions are interwoven with conversations about the changes to Traditional life through the impact of colonisation. The guides will share the resilience of Australian Aboriginal peoples who regardless of the forced changes to Culture and lifestyle, were in many cases successful in retaining strong Cultural knowledge and practice.

Stage 5 - History depth study

Outcomes contributed to: HT5 1, HT5 2, HT5 3, HT5 4, HT5 6

The subject of making a better world explores and unravels the first contact history between early Europeans and the first Australians with the aid of hands on activities. The guides will share the resilience of Australian Aboriginal peoples who regardless of the forced changes to Culture and lifestyle, were in many cases successful in retaining strong Cultural knowledge and practice.

Science Living World programs

All Science programs are run by experienced zoo educators and include ambassador animal interactions as well as engaging activities.

Early Stage 1 The Living World at Sydney Zoo

Outcomes contributed to: Ste-3LW-ST MAe-9MG, ENe-1A, ENe-8B

An engaging outdoor adventure that takes place while reading a book about the biggest, strongest and fastest animals at the zoo. Explore the needs of living things, get up close to ambassador animals and measure animal features from around the world.

Stage 1 Features of living things

Outcomes contributed to: ST1-4LW-S, GE1-2

Explore different animal features and needs of living things, how do they change as they grow? Students will get up close to ambassador animals and compare them to other animals in the zoo.

Stage 2 Orangutan Or Tiger survival

Outcomes contributed to: ST2-4LW-S, ST2-11LW, GE2-2

An engaging, authentic and tactile outdoor adventure, exploring different animal characteristics, habitats and management of environments both in Australia and Indonesia. Look into the world of Orangutans or Tigers and find out what we can do to ensure their survival in the wild.

Stage 3 Amazing Adaptations!

Outcomes contributed to: ST3-4LW-S

How do animals survive in their environment? Students will learn about structural and behavioural adaptations that help animals survive in the wild.

Stage 4 Classification and Adaptations

Outcomes contributed to: SC4-14LW

Students go on a trip around the world within the zoo, learn how to classify animals and how each of them survive in their unique habitats.

Custom lesson

Let us know what you are studying and we will endeavour to meet your students’ needs!

NEW - we're bringing the zoo to you!

The Bungarribee Dreaming incursion program

An engaging Cultural experience delivered by Aboriginal guides. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of aspects of Aboriginal Culture, heritage and language. This will be achieved through traditional Aboriginal stories and activities delivered onsite at your school/centre whilst maintaining Covid Safe protocols.

Linked outcomes for each stage can be found above in the excursion information. Alternatively, Guides can tailor the lessons to the students’ needs. These sessions run for 45-60 minutes and are appropriate in a classroom setting where our staff can maintain 1.5m between students and teachers.

Virtual excursions - book a virtual lesson for your school and get Sydney Zoo on your screen!

Multiple classes can be booked into the same session so the entire stage can have the same experience! Virtual lessons can be a good alternative to an excursion if you’re not able to visit Sydney Zoo in person. Our highly trained zoo educators and Aboriginal Guides will share wildlife, stories and facts with your students.

Virtual lessons can be tailored to suit the needs of your students or can be aligned with the programmed lesson outcomes listed for the excursions to Sydney Zoo.

Price: $165.00 for up to 30 children, $5.50 per head above 30 children

View our FREE downloadable resources to help teachers plan their visit to Sydney Zoo, including activity ideas, lesson plans and a risk assessment.


To book your workshops or self-guided adventures at Sydney Zoo, please email with the following information:

  • School name
  • Contact name, email and contact number
  • Address
  • Number of students and teachers/supervising adults
  • Stage or year of the students
  • Workshop choice or if it is a self-guided booking
  • Preferred dates
  • Approximate time you expect to arrive at the zoo (this may impact session times allocated )
  • If your school is looking for a focus that is not listed, please include this in an email to our team.

*Teachers gain free entry when visiting with their students. This is up to a maximum ratio of 1 teacher per 5 students. Additional adults can pay a discounted rate to attend with students.

Students with additional needs can have a higher ratio of supervising adults, please include any information in correspondence with our reservations team.