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Education programs

“For a child – or even an adult – being in the presence of a living, breathing animal, knowing the way it smells, looking into his or her eyes, and above all, sensing its “being-ness” can be a life-changing experience.” - Jane Goodall, Primatologist.

At Sydney Zoo we believe that education is a key part of a modern zoo. It promotes awareness and an affinity with animals, ensuring communities value and protect wildlife and habitats around the globe.

A day at Sydney Zoo will mean a day of education. Our various exhibits will teach visitors about the inhabitants through signage and fun facts, and our friendly Zookeeper and education staff will educate via presentations and interactions with our visitors. We hope that all visitors that leave Sydney Zoo will have learned something new about animals and conservation.

Sydney Zoo is preparing a full education program for visitors, which will grow as the Zoo grows. It will include interactive and interpretive technology based on effective learning programs for school students of all ages. Over time, our conservation education programs will reach hundreds of thousands of students. Some of these will be through our partner scholarships with Western Sydney University, a local institution we proudly support.

Teachers can book a visit to explore Sydney Zoo at your own pace for Term 1 2020. Also starting in Term 1 2020, teachers can book their class for hands-on curriculum-linked workshops conducted by one of our educators. The Bungarribee Dreaming experience will be conducted by Aboriginal educators who will provide interpretation and information within the Australia Precinct with a focus on our local Aboriginal Community the Darug nation.


Education Program Resources

Sydney Zoo is part of the Western Sydney community and will soon develop some resources for teachers to use both in their own classrooms but also while they are completing a visit to Sydney Zoo.

As the zoo grows, more resources will become available. If you have a particular focus and would like to discuss the development of a resource and/or workshop, please email the education team at