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Bull Shark

Bull Shark

Species Carcharhinus Leucas
Bull Shark
Bull Shark Distribution MapDistribution
Bull Shark
Up to 3.4m
Up to 320kg
Favourite Food
Fish, small stingrays, crustacean
Avg 16 years in wild

The bull shark is highly migratory, moving easily into freshwater reaches of rivers. It has an extremely broad diet and will consume most things it can find. There are 31 species of bull shark known in Australia.

Found in tropical and temperate waters around Australia, the bull shark has distinctive, small serrated teeth that are typically found in the whaler shark family.

Bull sharks display countershading, with a lighter lower half and a darker upper half of their bodies.

Young bull sharks prefer the upper reaches of estuaries where the salt level of the water is lower and they are away from other sharks that are likely to prey on them.

Conservation Status

Did You Know?

The bull shark's two biggest predators are humans and saltwater crocodiles