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Steve Blanchard

Curator of Elephants and Ungulates

Steve’s career in Zoos spans 25 years. Steve grew up in New Zealand with a passion for reptiles. After completing a BSc (Zoology) in 1993, he moved to Australia to pursue this passion. Steve was lucky enough to gain employment at the Australian Reptile Park in Gosford where he worked as part of the reptile team and over time ended up as Senior Keeper. He is very proud to have been part of the relocation of the Reptile Park from Gosford to Somersby.

Moving to Melbourne Zoo in 1997, Steve worked with native mammals before being offered a position working with marine mammals. This changed the path of his career, igniting his passion for training, conditioning and environmental enrichment.

Steve began working with elephants at Melbourne Zoo in 1999 and has been with elephants ever since. He increased his understanding of elephant training, husbandry requirements and behaviour by working at Auckland Zoo, Australia Zoo and by extensive travel around the world to different elephant facilities and in-situ locations.

Being part of the importation of 8 elephants into Australia from Thailand in 2006 was a definite career highlight, overshadowed only by the elephant pregnancies and subsequent births which followed. Most recently he headed the team that transported a bull elephant from Australia to the United States.