Meet Sydney Zoo's Mini Zookeeper Alicia

Name: Alicia

Age: 10

Hi, I’m Alicia and I have two older sisters and lots of pets. I love to play netball and I also play the violin. I’m so happy to be a Sydney Zoo Mini Zookeeper because I love learning about animals and sharing facts with my friends. I also love learning how to care for animals and their habitats so I can help keep them happy and safe.

My favourite animal is the giraffe and I would have one as a pet if I could! I love how unique they look, the patterns and the colour of them and their long tongues. I especially love newborn baby giraffes when they try and walk on their long, skinny, wobbly legs – they are so cute!

I have lots of pets. I have a beautiful, loving dog named Benji that we rescued from the pound, a bearded dragon named Steve, 3 cats named Milo, Missy and Sugar that were strays we rescued and 3 budgies named Snowflake, Sunny and Danny. I love them all!

My dream career is to be a zookeeper of course! Or a vet so that I can care for animals. I would like to have a job where I can teach people how to care and look after animals to help keep them breeding and make sure none of them become extinct.

I am so excited about Sydney Zoo opening because it’s not far from my house and I want to spend as much time there as I can and hopefully when I’m old enough I can work there and fulfil my dreams.

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